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Doggy Ville The Canine Club

Why DoggieVille?

Doggy Ville The Canine Club

Why Choose us?

Doggy Ville is a canine club which provides Boarding , Training, Agility, Behaviour therapy and grooming to pet dogs.
Doggy ville also had a pet store with a wide range of products to meet all your dog needs and pamper them with all the love they deserve. Doggy Ville aims at nothing other than best for your dogs.
We are a team of dog lovers entering the society with an aim to bring change in Canine training methods and give best services to your pets. We are introducing new concepts of training like positive reinforcement training, relationship-based training where pet parents themselves are involved to understand their pet better.

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Doggy Ville The Canine Club

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Doggy Ville The Canine Club

About Founder

Doggy Ville is led by Amrutha Varshini Nalla, who’s a dog-lover and the owner of a pug and labrador herself. She is a certified Canine Behaviourist from Canine Academy, Toronto, Canada. She and her team will help enhance the relationship with your dog and you.
Doggy Ville The Canine Club

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